Where Is the Best Place to Put a Mini Split?

You’ve heard that ductless mini splits are more efficient than your standard HVAC heating and/or air conditioning solution, but positioning still matters. You’re researching your options before calling for ductless mini split installation and you want to ensure you select the perfect spots in your home or commercial building for the units to go. Where exactly should you put your mini split?

Here are some tips for choosing your location:

  • Leave some space: Some of the most gargantuan rooms may require more than one mini split. You’re more likely to see this with commercial buildings than homes. If you do opt to get two mini splits to one room, make sure there’s adequate space between the units, like two inches or more.
  • Window symmetry: Windows let in natural light, but with that light comes heat. If your windowed room is especially warm and you want a mini split to cool it down, try to create symmetry with your window when getting your mini split unit installed.
  • Choosing the wall in the bedroom: You have a few options for your bedroom mini splits so you can sleep in a cooler space. Putting the units so they blow cool air without making you uncomfortable is the challenge.  Make sure that the air does not blow on your head, this is the most important thing since it can cause dryness and make you have a bad night sleep.
  • Watch your wall mounting: For all other rooms, wall-mounted units need careful positioning. You don’t want the mini splits too close to the ceiling or all the cold air will go there. Thus, your mini split technicians will measure at least eight feet up and then install the unit there on the wall.

Are you curious about where your compressor should go? Also known as the condenser, this outdoor unit is where all the excess hot or cold air exits. Here are some tips and suggestions for placement:

  • Over-the-wall is best: If you can get your condenser installed on your terrace, that’s a great spot. Now the condenser is over the wall so its receival of air is uninterrupted.
  • Vibration-free, please: Any vibrations from nearby outdoor units should be taken into consideration. You don’t want your condenser there since the vibration can lead to parts failure and pipe breakage.
  • Accessibility is key: Even once your ductless mini split condenser is installed, it’s not like the unit won’t ever be touched again. You’ll need your mini split technicians to come out and do maintenance every now and again. If the condenser is out of their reach, this could interrupt the maintenance routine.

If you’re ready to explore your ductless mini split options, our team at PowerSave AC wants to talk to you. We’re a vendor or all things mini splits. Now you too can enjoy the energy efficiency of a ductless mini split system, which can save on your monthly energy bills.

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