When Is It Time to Replace Your Mini Split?

Nothing lasts forever, and you know that unfortunately, this logic extends to your ductless mini split as well. You’ve had your mini split for several years and you love how you can cool and heat certain parts of your home or commercial building as needed. This more efficient means of heating and cooling has led to significant savings on your energy bill. Soon enough, you may even recoup what you spent on the mini split units.

Yet how long can you expect your mini split to last? When should you replace it? Here are a few instances in which a replacement may be warranted.

When the New Models Are Significantly More Energy Efficient

A ductless mini split system, as we said, is always a smart, efficient option for the home or office. Yet as with anything, once a unit is on the market, newer mini splits are on the way that are even more energy-efficient.

You should know the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER of your current mini split system. If the newer mini splits have a SEER rating of 3 or 5+ more than yours, then you don’t need to think about a new mini split unit quite yet. However, once your mini split’s SEER has a rating that’s 10 beneath the current models, it’s time to consider an upgrade.

Getting a new mini split at this point will allow you to keep making wise energy choices that put more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

If It’s Been Between 10 and 20 Years

A ductless mini split system will last for upwards of 20 years if you take good care of it. That gives you 5 to 8 more years out of your mini split compared to what you’d get with traditional air conditioners or heaters.

We wouldn’t suggest waiting 20 years to the day to buy a new mini split. By then, the system is probably not running at its best, as it’s just old. Maybe 10 or 15 years in, you’ll want to resume the search for a new mini split unit.

If Parts of the Unit Keep Giving You Trouble

The internal and external components of your ductless mini split system require regular maintenance. These parts include the outdoor compressor and the indoor units that provide the cool or warm air.

Failing to get professional maintenance done on your mini split can prematurely age it, forcing you to replace it much sooner than you would otherwise. If certain parts keep breaking down on you repeatedly, even after getting them professionally repaired, we’d say it’s a lack of maintenance that’s to blame.

Get a new mini split and, in the future, take better care of it to keep it running longer!

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