What You Need to Know About Operating a Mini Split Heat Pump

A mini split heat pump is a phenomenal solution for a more comfortable home or commercial building, but this is your first time using something beyond standard HVAC. You want to do it right, so how do you operate one of these systems?

We’ve compiled our best tips and pointers in this article, so make sure you check it out!

Open Some Doors

Although closing a door will trap in warmth, that only benefits that one room. If you open the doors in your home after turning on your mini split heat pump, the warm air can spread more effectively throughout the rest of the house.

Some estimates suggest that this can make a difference of up to 5 degrees Fahrenheit in your home’s temperature. It’s very much a small thing that can lead to big changes!

Let the Sun Help

How bright do you keep your home during the day? If you have the curtains pulled tighter than Fort Knox, you’re blockading the sunlight and the natural radiant heat it generates.

Pull back those curtains, open those blinds, and let a little light in. The additional warmth will augment the mini split heat pump, causing it to do less work to get your home in a comfortable state.

On top of that, you’ll also enjoy mood-stabilizing benefits from the vitamin D that sunlight delivers!

Stay on Top of Drainage

A mini split heat pump generates condensation, which requires a drainage line and evaporator coils to control. You should get into the habit of checking the condenser’s condensate pan to ensure fluid is draining from the mini split.

If it isn’t, there could be a blockage, but that’s outside of your expertise to fix. Instead, you should contact your mini split technician.

Auto Mode Is Your Friend

Are you unsure which fan speed is appropriate when running your mini split heat pump? This doesn’t have to be a stressful decision in the least. Not when you can use auto mode!

This mode sets the air handlers in charge of the fan speed. If the fan needs to run faster, it will do so without your intervention (hence why it’s called auto mode), and if the fans need to slow down, they’ll do that automatically.

Leave the Mini Split On

Here’s a handy tip. It’s okay to leave your mini spilt on.

The unit has to work so much harder to start up from zero and return to your desired temperature time and again when you continually turn it off. By leaving it on, the mini split will maintain the same degree of warmth for all-day comfort.

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance

Our last tip is by far the most important. From day one, you should prioritize mini split heat pump maintenance, as that’s what will keep your unit in the best shape.

You won’t be able to take care of most maintenance tasks yourself, but here’s what you can do. Call your technician about every month so they can change filters and inspect internal components.