What Kind of Maintenance Does a Mini Split Need?

Ductless mini splits can make a big difference in how comfortable your home feels (not to mention how much money you’ll spend on your utility bills), but they only work their best when they’re properly maintained.

If you’re a first-time mini split owner who’s still new to the system, this article will benefit you.

Here is all the maintenance a mini split requires.

Dust Off the Condenser

The compressor or condenser is the outdoor component of your ductless mini split system. Although it is protected from ground changes due to the concrete slab underneath, and it should be safeguarded overhead with an awning, the compressor can still get dirty.

Every month or so, go outside and remove sticks, dirt, and other debris from the top and sides of the compressor. When it snows, brush the snow off as quickly as you can.

Clean the Coils

We just wrote an excellent guide about cleaning mini split coils that you should check out if you missed it! We went step-by-step and explained how it has done.

Replace the Filters

The filters in your ductless mini split system do not last forever. Several times per year and no more seldom than twice per year, check the filters. Replace yours or wash them and put them back in the system if they are reusable.

Dirty filters can affect the air quality of your ductless mini split system!

Check for Leaks

While you are outside tending to the compressor, it’s not a bad idea to take a walk around the unit on all four sides (if you can access all four sides, that is) and double-check that you don’t see any fluids seeping out from underneath.

If you do, this could be a sign of a refrigerant leak. The coils in the mini split can also freeze if you have not cleaned the filter in a while. When the coils thaw, all that water seeps out of the condenser.

Leaks are signs of potentially serious trouble, so call your mini split technician before you continue using the mini split.

Clean the Condensate Pan

Speaking of fluid, the mini split system utilizes a pan for catching all the water runoff and condensate. You will want to drain this pan periodically. Take the time once or twice per year to clean the condensate pan as well.

Schedule an Annual Inspection

Although you can do a lot of mini split maintenance yourself, there are many elements of the job that are much better left off to the pros. For instance, you should not try to tinker with any of the internal components of the mini split by yourself.

Keep your mini split technician’s number handy. Once or twice per year, have them out to your home to look over the outdoor compressor and the air-handling units.

Although the maintenance associated with a ductless mini split system can sometimes be inconvenient, you should still prioritize maintenance, nevertheless. You could increase the longevity of your mini split system if you do!