What Kind of Maintenance Does a Ductless Mini-Split Require?

A ductless mini-split HVAC system has several benefits, especially compared to using a central air and heating system. Mini-splits often run more quietly than a central system, and they can even lessen that pesky carbon footprint with their greater energy efficiency. They’re also more affordable, and did we mention cleaning your ductless mini-split system won’t be nearly as difficult?

Cleaning is just one type of maintenance work you or a hired professional will have to put into your ductless mini-split HVAC system. Here is some other maintenance you must get into the habit of either scheduling or doing yourself.

Disclaimer: Before you get started, you always want to power down your ductless mini-split system (this means switching the breakers for the unit off as well). Then, wait for an hour. During this time, the components in the system will return to a cooler temperature so you can handle them safely. Make sure the outdoor unit circuit switch and the indoor air handling unit are both off as well. Otherwise, you’re at risk of electrical shocks when you try to clean the unit.

Look for Accumulations of Snow and or Ice

Lots of things freeze in the wintertime, and your ductless mini-split isn’t immune, either. As you’re enjoying the warmth of your home, you need to take the time every now and again to go outside and check the system. That’s especially true after a big snowstorm. Both snow and ice can build up and prevent the ductless mini-split system from working its best. Clean around the area.

Wipe Down the Cooling Coil

One of the most important components of your ductless mini-split system by far is the cooling coil. This coil allows the system to provide coolness as well as dehumidify. In doing that, moisture can get stuck in this part of the system, making for the perfect environment in which mildew and mold can grow.

You have a two-pronged maintenance duty here. First, you want to check all the components as well as the coil itself for mildew and mold. Then, you want to give the coil a cleaning. You can use a soft cloth for this.

Don’t Forget the Air Filter

Your air filter does a lot of work as part of your ductless mini-split system. Thus, it can get dirty quite easily. To keep it clean, take it out and remove any dirt, dust, and debris.

Keep Some Clearance

Earlier, we mentioned the importance of ridding the system of snow and ice. Even in the other seasons when there’s no snow, you still have to make sure nothing gets too close to your ductless mini-split. Always ensure adequate clearance, at least four feet. From dirt, grass, leaves, and other outdoor messes, move it all away from your system.

Making Sure the Drain is Clear

The last maintenance piece is simply ensuring that the drain is clear.  This can be tested very easily by adding a small amount of water to the inside tray and making sure that it is actually draining outside.

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