What Is the Best Brand of Mini-Split?

This blog has motivated you to invest in a mini-split system, but upon further research, you discovered there were way more brands out there than you initially thought. You want to ensure you get the best bang for your buck, so which of these brands should you gravitate towards?

Most people shopping for a mini-split system will consider the following brands:

  • LG
  • Fujitsu
  • Mitsubishi
  • Innovair (our preferred pick)

Keep reading to learn more about all these great mini-split brands, including some products from each that you might consider for your own home.

The Best Mini-Split Brands


lg mini split


LG is a Korean-based company that specializes in home electronics. They sell light and residential commercial HVAC products, including mini-splits. From single-zone to multi-zone outdoor and indoor heating and cooling, you can find them all through LG. Make sure you also pick up some handy accessories like an electric heat kit, a high-efficiency filter box, or an LG Smart inverter monitoring system.


fujitsu mini split

Next, we’ve got Fujitsu. They’re a computer equipment brand from Japan. They manufacture ductless mini-split systems that promise better energy efficiency when it comes to cooling and heating your house. Their mini-splits are almost silent when in operation, making them less obstructive. That’s also true of their ductwork-less design.


mistubishi mini split

You may know Mitsubishi mostly for its impressive range of vehicles, but their Mitsubishi Electric division produces heating and cooling solutions such as mini-splits. Besides those, the brand also retails floor-mounted HVAC units, ducted air handlers, ceiling cassette HVAC soltuions, and horizontal-ducted options.


innovair mini split

While the LG, Fujitsu, and Mitsubishi mini-splits are all viable options, we prefer Innovair above all else. They’re a company that specializes in cooling solutions, among them commercial and residential cooling options and mini-splits

Here is an overview of some of their latest mini-split systems:

  • Oasis Premium with a SEER efficiency rating of 13, a self-cleaning mode, temperature display, 3D airflow, a turbo cooling mode, and voltage protection
  • Habitat V2 inverter with a SEER efficiency rating of 16, safeguarding from high voltages, and gold condensers
  • Prestige Viu inverter with a SEER efficiency rating of 18, an LED display, coated electronics, and certificates from ETL and AHRI
  • Vexus inverter with a SEER efficiency rating of 19, near silent operation, turbo cooling, a low-voltage start, coated electronics, and a gold condenser
  • Elite DC inverter, one of the best options from Innovair, as it has a SEER efficiency rating of 37, an LED display with an LCD remote, sleep mode, turbo mode, a self-cleaning evaporator, gold condensers, high-density filters, a heat pump, and certification from AHRI

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