What Is a Mini-Split Heat Pump?

The cold weather is coming, which means you might be thinking more about the heating solution in your home. After all, you’ve probably already had to turn on your heater a few times already.

One solution that has piqued your interest is the mini-split heat pump. These ductless pumps can be installed alongside your preexisting heating system or independently as stand alone units. For instance, you can get a mini-split heat pump set up if you already use space heaters (including those that run on kerosene, propane, or wood), baseboard heating, and hot water heaters. But you can also get a mini-split heat pump as it's own unit without any accompanying heating systems if you're adding them to a structure that doesn't have an existing heating system.  Both commercial businesses and residences are eligible for mini-split heat pumps.

What’s wrong with the above ducted systems is they tend to waste a lot of energy. It all has to do with heat dispersion, which could be more effective, say, by using a ductless mini-split heat pump system. These don’t waste any energy, meaning your house stays warmer and your energy bill much more manageable.

Your mini-split heat pump system comes with several components, among them are an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. One of the great benefits of mini-split heat pumps is they can also be used for air conditioning when the seasons change. That eliminates the need for two separate units, putting more money in your pocket.

As they have “mini” in the name, mini-split heat pumps are incredibly small. Should you want them in single rooms in your home, you have that option. Now you don’t have to shiver in the family room with the drafty window anymore. If you need whole home heating instead, you can get several heat pumps installed for just that.

Some mini-split heat pumps have unique options, including sleep functions and other timers. Instead of your heat kicking on when your home reaches a certain temperature, you can set exactly when your heat pump system begins warming up your home and for how long. You’re already making an energy-efficient decision with a mini-split heat pump system. Those settings let you use your energy even more intelligently.

Some other benefits of mini split heat pumps is the ability to set different temperature settings due to the nature of individual systems, meaning more individualized comfort if you have several heat pumps in seperate rooms. Another characteristic is that minisplits are more powerful on the heating cycle than on the cooling cycle, meaning higher efficiency.

That said, as wonderful and viable an option a mini-split heat pump system is for your home or commercial business, you must keep several downsides in mind as well. For instance, some people find mini-splits unsightly. If you're looking for clever ways to disguise them check out our post on how to hide a ductless mini split, you have plenty of options for hiding your own heat pumps to make them less noticeable.

Also, it’s very important you pay for professional installation rather than let any ol’ company take care of the job. Otherwise, your system could end up short cycling or wasting energy. Your energy bills go up as a result, and one of the main benefits of having a mini-split heat pump is negated.

Speaking of installation, this is very similar to the price of installing a ductless mini split system, the only difference being the connection of a drain in the condenser. But don't worry as you’ll make the money back with time as your energy bills become more affordable due to the high efficiency of the system.

If you’re thinking of getting your own mini-split heat pump system installed for your home or office, call PowerSave AC today at 877-297-6594. We offer mini-split systems with one to five zones. We look forward to working with you!