What Does a Mini Split Look Like Outside?

You care a lot about upkeeping your home’s curb appeal. It’s not like you intend to sell your home anytime soon, but if you ever did decide to, you’d want it to fetch a high asking price.

Part of maintaining your home is in keeping its temperature comfortable, which your old air conditioner is not excelling at. You also struggled through the whole winter with your furnace, as it only worked well some of the time.

A neighbor recommended a ductless mini split system, which they said has heated and cooled their home much more efficiently. You like the idea of dumping your antiquated HVAC, but you have to ask. What will a ductless mini split system look like outside your home?

To answer that, let us briefly explain how ductless mini split systems work. The system includes at least two parts, the indoor air-handling unit, and the outdoor condenser. The two pieces work together to provide a full system for heating/cooling your home (depending on the system).

The only part of the ductless mini split system that would be visible from outside your property would be the condenser. It’s not like this goes in the middle of your front yard or even your side yard. You’d get it installed in the backyard.

The location of the condenser must be specific. It’s recommended the condenser be shielded from direct sun and bad weather. It also shouldn’t be too close to shrubs or plants. It doesn’t stand out in your yard any more than your outdoor air conditioning unit does.

What about the air-handling unit? You know it goes indoors, but now you’re worried about these units detracting from the interior beauty of your home.

This is a concern that a lot of homeowners share. The good news is that you can obscure the indoor air-handling unit. Even getting your air-handling units installed closer to the ceiling will hide them, as people generally don’t look up when they enter a room.

Depending on the layout of a room, many happy ductless mini split owners barely even notice the air-handling units. That could be the same case for your home as well.

Besides vanity, a ductless mini split system is very beneficial in so many other ways. These units are more energy-efficient, as they recycle air. Each air-handling unit comes with its own thermostat so if you like your upstairs bedroom much cooler than the rooms downstairs, you can set the temperature per zone.

You’ll also enjoy greater savings on your energy bills, which will start as soon as your ductless mini split system is installed!

If you’re interested in ordering a ductless mini split system for your home, contact us today at PowerSave AC. We specialize in single-zone and multi-zone ductless mini splits for residential and commercial use. You can even pick up all the accessories you need right on our website!