What Do I Need to Know About a Ductless Mini Split?

First, one neighbor told you about their positive experience with a ductless mini split, then another. You’re curious and even a little intrigued, but you don’t know much of anything about ductless mini splits.

You’d like to change that. What should you know about this alternative heating and cooling method? Here are some facts to get you started.

Ductless Mini Splits Ditch the Ductwork

The name ductless is in there for a reason. Mini splits forego the ducts, which means saying goodbye to all the problems associated with ducts, especially air leaks.

According to Energy Star, upwards of 30 percent of the air that travels through a ducted system disappears through ducts that aren’t properly connected or have holes or gaps.

It’s no wonder a ducted system is so wildly inefficient!

Ductless Mini Splits Are Way Better for the Environment

The lost air from ducts notwithstanding, ductless mini splits are an excellent eco-friendly solution for other reasons.

A mini split system offers targeted heating and cooling, which is the opposite of how traditional HVAC units like a furnace or air conditioner work.

Ductless mini splits feature indoor air-handling units that blow warm or cool air. A mini split technician will install the air-handling units according to the zones you select. A zone can be an entire room or half a room, perhaps just a corner.

This is where the targeted heating and cooling come into play. You can heat or cool individual zones, and only those areas receive heating or cooling.

If you turn on your home’s air conditioner, then whether the entire house needs cooling or only certain areas, the whole house is receiving cooling.

Compared to targeted heating and cooling, you waste a lot of energy this way!

Ductless Mini Splits Will Help You Save on Your Monthly Utility Bills

Energy Savers Air states that a ductless mini split system can reduce your home’s energy usage by 30 percent.

Imagine an energy bill that’s 30 percent lower! That’s not just a single month of financial relief, either, but month-over-month savings.

Over the years, you could pocket thousands of dollars and even tens of thousands of dollars by making the switch to a ductless mini split system.

If you’re curious about precisely how much money you can save, we have a handy energy savings calculator on our website that will tell you.

Ductless Mini Splits Offer Customized Heating and Cooling

Going back to the mini split zones, each zone includes more than its own air-handling unit. You also get a remote control to adjust the thermostat in the air-handling unit.

If you like your corner office a bit warmer, you could set the thermostat hotter than the bedroom down the hall.

This kind of temperature customization should stop the family from fighting over the thermostat, which seems to happen too much in many households.

Plus, when everyone is comfortable, that prevents you from having to crank up the heat or air conditioning. Your house will feel temperate from room to room even if that does mean slightly differing temperatures.