What Are the Three Main Functions of an Air Conditioning System?

You eagerly await the start of fall not for pumpkin spice lattes, but for some much-needed relief from the heat. Even with an air conditioner, your home or building doesn’t stay sufficiently cool. That’s why you’ve decided now to upgrade to a air conditioning system so you’ll be readier for next summer.

You’re still learning a lot about your air conditioner. To make the most of it, you’re curious about its main functions. What are they? That’s exactly what we’ll talk about in this post, so check it out!


This is the feature that most people clamber for when they decide to buy a new air conditioner, especially a PowerSave AC system. You’ll have complete control over the coolness of your home or building in a way that you’ve never been able to before.

With a remote that lets you control the thermostat, you can set the precise temperature you want. Even if the temperatures outside are sweltering, you won’t feel it inside. The benefit of a cool environment is that you’ll be comfortable enough to lead your life. Whether you work, tidy the house, or just relax, you’ll enjoy spending time in the great indoors again.


Stale air is that which doesn’t travel at all or an insufficient distance. When the same air lingers in your home or building day in and day out, your health suffers for it. The nasal and respiratory tracts can become irritated. Your skin might dry out and you could have an increased rate of headaches. You’ll feel fatigued as well.

Your air conditioning system will ventilate the air so it never grows stale. The rate of air circulation is afforded to you via your air conditioner’s fan mode. Even if you decided you didn’t want to turn on the air conditioner but you wanted to ventilate your home or building, that’s an option.

You can just run the air conditioner in its fan mode. The fresh air that pipes in through your home is as good as opening a window but without any risks of outdoor air contaminants like pollen or mold making their way inside.


Many of the activities you do every single day contribute to humidity in your home, such as washing the dishes, running the dishwasher, boiling water, cooking or baking, and taking a hot shower.

Every time you release a breath, you’re making the air hotter. Plants can also increase the humidity in your home.

High humidity can sap you of your energy, making you feel exhausted for seemingly no reason. If the humidity is high enough, you could even overheat.

Having an air conditioning system will dehumidify your home so the air feels comfortable.

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