The Best Mini Splits for Mobile Homes

You love your simplified mobile home life, but one area you always struggle with is how to beat the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter. Depending on the layout of your home, you might not be able to use central heating and cooling, which means portable measures like window air conditioning units or a space heater.

Or does it? A ductless mini split could be just the solution you’ve been looking for. Ductless mini split systems include an outdoor condenser or compressor, and that’s the most you’d have to make room for outside your mobile home. Inside your home, a technician will install air-handling units. These units are where the cool or warm air comes from.

This all sounds good to you, so what are the best mini splits for a mobile home?

We’d recommend a single-zone or multi-zone mini split system. A zone is a part of your home that has unique heating and/or cooling needs than other areas. For instance, maybe a backroom in your mobile home gets a lot of sun, so the temperature in there is a lot warmer than in other parts of your mobile home.

That sunny area would be one zone. You could then divide the rest of your home into another zone or two if necessary. Each zone will get its own indoor air-handling unit and a thermostat. Now you have the freedom to customize the temperatures per zone exactly as you like them.

Let’s say you turn down the temps of the sunny room to a comfortable 68 degrees, but another zone is operating at 72 degrees. With a ductless mini split, this is doable! Even today’s most high-end central heating and cooling units can’t do that.

Ductless mini splits run quietly so they don’t interrupt your day-to-day life. The air-handling units won’t detract from the rest of your home décor either, and since you get to choose where the air-handling units are mounted, you can put them out of sight.

We saved the best for last. Your monthly utility bills can go down drastically with a ductless mini split system. Since the mini split only cools or warms the parts of the home that need it, they’re much more energy-efficient.

How much money will you save by making the switch to a ductless mini split system from traditional HVAC? Check out our energy savings calculator to review your long-term savings potential over the next five, 10, even 15 years.

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