Split AC is leaking water

This morning, when you left the house for work, all was well. Your split AC was on and humming away and the house felt cool. When you came home, you walked into a nightmare. Your living room or another part of your house was covered in water. You connected the dots and attributed the leak to your split AC. What is going on here?

The cause of a split AC leak can be one of many things. Let’s go over these issues now so you can quickly get the problem patched up!

Lack of Refrigerant

If it’s been a while since you’ve added refrigerant to your split AC, you could have indirectly caused the water leakage. How, you ask? Well, without enough refrigerant (usually caused by a refrigerant leak), the evaporator coil gets cold, sometimes to the point of freezing. The coil will eventually thaw, sending a lot more water than expected to your drain pan. This water leaks all over the place.

Old Air Filter

Your split AC’s air filter is only good for about two months. If it’s been longer than that since you’ve replaced yours, then it’s high time you do so. Otherwise, the filth trapped within the filter prevents air from getting to the evaporator coil. Again, this causes coil freezing, then thawing, then water leakage.

Condensate Pump Damage

The duty of the condensate pump is to send water away from your home and outside. Malfunctions or other damage to the pump preclude that so now water can go anywhere, such as your living room or bedroom.

Drain Pan Breakage

The older your split AC, the higher the likelihood that something is wrong with your drain pan. The pan might have rusted, allowing for water to easily escape. It could also be in such poor condition with holes and other openings that fluid can slip right through. Fortunately, this is an easy enough fix.

Condensate Drain Line Backups

If you’ve ruled out everything else, then your issue is probably with the condensate drain line. This problem is a more common one. The condensate drain line is supposed to be free and clear, but all sorts of things can get in there. From mold to sludge, dirt, sticks, and dust, buildups will clog the drain line, sending water where it shouldn’t go.

Vacuuming the condensate drain line should clear it, but make sure you check the line every now and again so it doesn’t get gunked up again.

Motor Failure or the Motor is Spinning Backwards

One last cause to note could be motor failure or a motor that is spinning backwards instead of forwards.

Once you can identify which issue has affected your split AC, we recommend calling an air conditioner repairperson, stat. Water damage is serious, and if the water seeps into your floors, you’ll have more than ruined carpeting, but foundational damage as well. It’s all very avoidable if you act now before the problem worsens. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your repair options.