ROI on High Efficiency Air Conditioners

Your current air conditioner is anything but efficient. It wasn’t that way when you first bought it, so you figure the years have taken its toll. Since the last time you shopped for an air conditioner, these units have come a long way. You can now get models that save money on your energy bills because they’re so much less environmentally taxing.

If you upgrade to a high-efficiency air conditioner like a ductless mini split system, what kind of return on investment or ROI would you be looking at here? You know you’ll spend a lot of money on the AC initially, as you did that years ago. What didn’t happen then was you steadily earning that money back in cost savings.

That won’t be the case this time, we can assure you, especially if you get a ductless mini split AC system installed in your home or office.

To determine how much money you’ll save, you need to know your current air conditioner’s seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER. You can then compare that to the SEER of the ductless mini split to realize your ROI using our mini split energy savings calculator.

Let’s say your old, rickety air conditioner has a SEER rating of 11. That’s okay, but considering SEER ratings can easily exceed 20, you see how inefficient your AC has really become over the years.

Continuing the example, your ductless mini split has a SEER rating of 18. Which is a solid SEER rating but on the lower end of SEER rating for mini split systems, as these are often rated at 20, 21, and up.

Your old air conditioner with its SEER rating of 11 sucks up at least $718 of extra electricity annually. A ductless mini split air conditioner with only a SEER rating of 18 uses around $399 of power in that same timespan.

That results in an energy bill savings of 44 percent every year. Over five years, you save $1,595 and over 10 years, $3,190. Within 15 years, your savings amount to $4,785. That’s a lot of money!

This time, let’s say your new ductless mini split AC is even more efficient, as it has a SEER rating of 21. Now, every year, it uses around $342 in electricity. This saves you 52 percent more on your energy bill. Over five years, you’ll have pocketed $1,880 extra, and over 10 years, the ROI would be $3,759. If you keep your ductless mini split for 15 years, the savings are a whopping $5,639.

We think the numbers speak for themselves. If you haven’t already switched to a high-efficiency air conditioner, now’s as good a time as ever. Order your ductless mini split system before the summer comes so you’re not left sweating.

Another one of the more factors to keep in mind aside from SEER rating is capacity, for example, a SEER 10 A/C of 2 TR uses “X” amount of energy, but an A/C SEER 10 of 5 TR uses at least “3X”. Lastly it's also important to consider both region and kW/h cost in your area which is all factored in to our energy savings calculator.

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