Mini Splits to Cool Your Summer Home

It’s the middle of summer, and lately, you’re spending more time at your summer home than your primary residence. The only problem is that it’s been a very hot summer, and your current air conditioning system is not equipped to handle it. Sure, you could always escape to the nearby beach or lake, but that doesn’t help when it comes to sleeping soundly at night.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend another sweltering evening sweating and tossing and turning with the kicked-off blankets at your feet. Instead, you can look into a mini split system to cool your summer home.

What exactly is a mini split? A mini split is a ductless system that replaces traditional HVAC units like air conditioners and heaters. Yes, that’s right, ductless mini splits can both warm and cool a space for optimal comfort no matter the time of year.

If your summer home doesn’t come equipped with ductwork, that’s no problem with a mini split system. How it works is that a compressor unit goes outdoors, and then, depending on your heating and cooling needs, you have one or several indoor mini split units, no ducts required.

Your current air conditioning system, being traditional HVAC, cools the entire home at the same time, even if some rooms don’t necessarily need it. This is inefficient though, as the excess cooling in those rooms equates to more money you’re spending on your energy bills each month.

With a ductless mini split system, you choose where the units go, including the rooms that need them most. Perhaps you have a den that gets a lot of daytime sun, or the upstairs bedroom is always exceedingly hot. If those are the only two rooms that require a mini split, then so be it.

Cooling in such a fashion ensures that you’re only spending your money on the cooling your summer home needs.

Further, for each zone that has a mini split, you have the freedom to select the temperature independent of another zone. So, going back to the example of a hot bedroom, if that room is a lot warmer than your den, you could turn down the thermostat so the bedroom is 72 degrees Fahrenheit but leave the den at a cozy 74 degrees.

If you’re intrigued by ductless mini splits and think this system could be the perfect solution for your summer home, we encourage you to call us at PowerSave AC. We’re a vendor of mini split systems, from single-zone to multi-zone mini splits with over 10 units.

Our team makes it easy to pay for your new home heating and cooling solution. We offer discounts depending on how many mini split units you buy, and you can even finance your purchase through Affirm. This way, you can get your ductless mini split system installed now in time to enjoy the rest of the season in your summer home then worry about paying for it later.

You can reach our PowerSave AC team today by calling 1-877-297-6594.