Mini Split Wall Mount Ideas

For years, you’ve relied on an outdoor central air conditioning unit and a heater or furnace where the unit was down the basement. Once you did some numbers crunching and realized how much more financially and environmentally efficient a ductless mini split system could be, you were sold.

You’ll soon have your mini split system installed, which will include several indoor units in main rooms such as your living room, bedroom, or entertainment room. Where on the wall should you mount these indoor air-handling units? We have some ideas to share with you today.

Symmetric with the Window

If your indoor unit will go in a wide, spacious room with a lot of windows such as a living room or den, you might not be sure where to mount the unit in conjunction with the windows. Our recommendation? Align the air-handling unit with the windows, keeping them the same height.

For instance, your indoor unit would be as high as the tallest point of the window. This creates symmetry in the room that makes the air-handling unit stand out less.

In the Middle of the Wall

If you’re not trying to hide your ductless mini split system, then you can go bold with your indoor unit wall mounting. Try putting the unit right in the middle of a wall higher up near the ceiling.

Again, this placement is about creating symmetry that makes the indoor unit somewhat less noticeable.

Over a Window

Besides aligning the placement of the air-handling unit with your window, you can always get your mini split unit installed over a window. If you have a room where the ceiling is triangular rather than flat, the addition of the mini split looks right at home and shouldn’t attract too much attention.

In a Nook or Corner

Perhaps you do want to obscure the air-handling unit somewhat. If so, then surely there’s a nook or corner in your home somewhere that’s a little less visible. If the mini split can still work efficiently when installed in this location, then there’s nothing wrong with taking an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to installation!

Over a Door

Our last suggestion for mini split wall mount ideas is to get your air-handling unit installed over a door. This isn’t a place that most people look at all that often anyway.

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