Is a Ductless Heat Pump Worth It?

You’ve about had it with your furnace. You just got it fixed two years ago only to turn around and have issues with it again. It’s driving you crazy! Maybe next winter, instead of shelling out yet another time for heater repairs, it’s worth considering another heating option altogether.

A few friends have recommended ductless heat pumps, and you’ve heard good things yourself. Still, you’re a little reluctant to make such a big jump to ductless heating. If you do, is it going to be worth your while?

Absolutely! Here are some perks of ductless heat pumps that ought to convince you to give one a try for your home or office.

Energy Bill Savings

Not only does your current heater cost you in repairs, but if it’s not an energy-efficient model, you’re also spending more every month on your energy bill. Ductless heating and cooling solutions with a good Energy Star rating may be able to reduce your energy bill spending by as much as 30 percent according to HGTV.

Remember, you’re not the only one benefitting from these energy savings. You’re also helping the environment each time you run your ductless heat pump.

Incentives and Tax Credits for Further Savings

If that hasn’t quite convinced you to go ductless, maybe this will. It’s possible that your new ductless heat pump may make you eligible for local utility incentives and federal tax credits. Yes, that means you’re earning more money back solely for dumping your old, inefficient heater.

Impressive Energy Efficiency

Okay, so lower energy bills mean your ductless heat pump isn’t using as much energy as your current heater. How much energy usage would your heat pump slash? Ductwork is a notorious energy sucker, causing the loss of roughly 25 percent of your home’s energy. You can restore that energy loss back and then some with a ductless heat pump.

Ductless Systems Run More Quietly

Few things interrupt your relaxation at home after a hard day at work more than your heater chugging and churning to life. Yes, you appreciate how it warms your house, but you wish it could be quieter as it does it.

It sounds like you could use a ductless heat pump. These units provide better heating compared to your old furnace, and they’re quieter, too.

More Secure Installation

Getting your ductless heat pump set up will take less time and effort than you may have imagined. The installation team will drill single holes at a time. This keeps your home in better condition. Also, with less construction on your property, you don’t have to stress about your home being a security risk. You’re also less prone to air leaks.

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