How to Air Condition a House Without Ductwork

You’re moving into a home that lacks ductwork. The house also doesn’t have a very efficient air conditioning system, so you were thinking it’s time for an upgrade.

The issue, though, is that this will be your first time purchasing a ductless air conditioning system. What are your options?

Well, you have several options, actually! They include portable air conditioners scattered throughout the house, window air conditioners, high-velocity systems, variable refrigerant flow or VRF systems, multi-pipe systems, multi-head systems, or ductless mini split systems.

While those options are viable enough on their own, of the five, ductless mini splits are our most recommended cooling solution by far.

Here’s how a ductless mini split system works. In your backyard, a technician will install a compressor. The compressor is connected via copper tubing to an indoor air-handling unit.

Between the two units runs refrigerant that can provide cooling all spring and summer long (or all year if you live in a hot region!). The refrigerant cools the hot outdoor air, which is then pumped out of your indoor air-handling unit feeling much cooler.

It’s as simple as that!

The Benefits of a Mini Split System for a Home Without Ductwork

If you’re still comparing your options, it will certainly help to read this section chock full of mini split pros.

  • A ductless mini split system not only provides cooling but heating as well. That’s something that a window air conditioner can never do!
  • Your ductless mini split system can use more than one indoor air-handling unit and as many as eight. This allows you to cool your home to just the right level.
  • Mini splits cool according to zones, which are not necessarily whole rooms but might include drafty or sun-drenched spaces in your home.
  • Each air-handling unit includes its own remote for controlling the thermostat. You can set one air-handling unit to 68 degrees Fahrenheit and another to 72 degrees. That’s never an option with ducted air conditioning!
  • Ductwork reduces your curb appeal, which is no secret. A mini split system is a much more attractive alternative.
  • Since there are no ducts involved, installing a mini split system is less effort-intensive and usually lower-cost as well.
  • Ducts are known to leak, which means so much of that cooling (and heating) is never making it into your living room or bedroom.
  • A mini split system is more energy-efficient than a ducted air conditioner by 20 to 30 percent, according to New England Ductless.

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