How to Add an Additional Mini Split

When you first invested in a ductless mini split system, you weren’t sure if it would be a much more efficient option than your traditional HVAC you were using like a furnace or air conditioner.

Now, many months later, you can’t imagine going back to your old, outdated HVAC units.

The only problem is, when you got ductless mini splits installed, you didn’t add that many indoor air-handling units. You kind of want more. How do you add extra mini splits to your home?

The first thing you should do is measure out the square footage of the space that you’d like to be cooled or heated.

You might only want a couple of hundred additional square feet of heating or cooling or several thousand feet. That depends on the size of your home or building.

Next, you need to divide the square footage into zones. Remember, a zone doesn’t have to be an entire room, but simply a part of your home or commercial building with unique heating and cooling needs.

Based on the zones you select, you can then calculate the rate of heating and cooling you’ll need in British thermal units or BTUs so you can choose a mini split that provides that level of comfort.

When you have that information handy, it’s time to begin looking for a mini split system.

If you only need to heat or cool one zone in your home or building, then a single-zone mini split is fine for you.

For more heating or cooling still, you’ll need a multizone mini split. Here at PowerSave AC, we retail mini splits for two zones, three zones, four zones, all the way up through five zones.

Do keep in mind that only eight indoor air-handling units can connect to one outdoor compressor.

If you have a large home or commercial building that requires a lot of heating and cooling power, it’s fine if you need more than eight units. You will just have to be ready to invest in another compressor.

You’re now ready to order your mini splits. At PowerSave AC, we carry ductless mini split systems from all your favorite brands. We also stock more of the accessories you need, such as air curtains, wiring, Wi-Fi adapters, and more.

When your mini splits arrive, you can contact your mini split team to come out and install the new additions. They’ll take care of all the wiring and mount the air-handling units in each zone exactly where you want them.

From there, your new mini split system is ready to use. You’ll be able to enjoy more customized heating and cooling, adjusting the temperature down to your exact preferences with an included remote.

When your energy bills come in, you’ll also enjoy greater savings!