How Often Should You Clean Mini Split Filters?

When you bought your ductless mini split system, it came with one or more indoor air-handling units. Within each of these units is an air filter. Like you’ve had to change the air filter in your air conditioner or heater before, the same is true of your ductless mini split. How often do you need to clean the filters?

On a two-week basis, you should access your mini split filters and see if they need to be cleaned. Otherwise, dirt, debris, and even mold can grow on your filters. Also, dirty filters impede air quality and airflow and cause your mini split system to run less efficiently.

We’re here to answer all the questions you may have pertaining to your mini split filters. Let’s get right to it!

Where Are Your Mini Split Filters?

Before you can clean your mini split filters, you need to know where to find them. You know they’re within the air-handling unit, but where?

Your air-handling unit should have a front panel. This will close by a latch or some other means. Once you open that latch, you should see the air filter or filters. If your mini split has an anti-allergy enzyme filter, there may be one than one filter; the same is true of a nano platinum filter.

As we said before, make it a point to look at the filters twice a month, two weeks apart each. Your filters might not necessarily need cleaning each time, but you should still check in case they do.

How Do You Know When Your Mini Split Filters Are Dirty?

Okay, so you’re looking at your mini split filters, but how will you know when it’s time to clean them? Trust us when we say you’ll know. The filters will look visibly dirty, taking on a brownish or blackish hue. They could also be grayish and overall dingy.

If you can see traces of dirt on your filters, or–goodness forbid–even mold, then it’s long since time you cleaned your mini split filters. Depending on how moldy they are, you might even need to replace the filters outright.

Should You Clean the Filters Yourself or Let a Professional Do It?

Although there are many areas of ductless mini split system maintenance that it’s best to let your mini split technician take care of, keeping the filters clean is not one of them. You can do this yourself when needed.

How Do You Clean Mini Split Filters?

To clean your mini split filters, first, you want to power down your entire mini split system. Let everything cool down. Once it does, take off the panel of your indoor air-handling unit. Using a gentle cloth, wipe away dust.

Next, take the filter out and bring it to your kitchen sink. With warm water and dish soap, clean both sides of the filter. Rinse off any residue from the soap and put your filter in the shade to air-dry. Once the filter is completely dry, you can replace it in the unit.