How Multi-Zone Mini Split Systems Work

You have an air conditioning unit, maybe even central air, as well as a heater. The problem is, if certain rooms have fewer vents, or if they’re lacking on return units, then those rooms aren’t as comfortable as the other spaces in your home.

A ductless mini split system can overcome this issue, as you select the number of indoor air-handling units you need as well as their placement and temperature. Single-zone heating/cooling involves but one indoor unit whereas multi-zone mini split systems are somewhat more complex.

Multi-zone mini split systems include more than one indoor air-handling unit. Many situations call for the installation of multiple units. For instance, in a home, you might have adequate cooling or heating upstairs but not downstairs or vice-versa, so you want a number of rooms to have their own mini split unit.

The reason the mini split system is called single-zone and multi-zone and not single-room and multi-room has to do with the strategic placement of the unit(s). Each zone is an area of heating or cooling, not necessarily a whole room, but often that way.

For instance, your living room would be one zone, the upstairs bedroom a second zone, and the family room a third zone. It’s common for a home to have four zones, but bigger homes may have more. Other situations that might necessitate more than four zones is if your home is older and lacks insulation or if you’re getting a ductless mini split system for a commercial building.

How do you know how many zones you should have? It all depends on the application area. For instance, a two-zone mini split can provide heating and cooling for spaces between 1,200 and 1,800 square feet and five-zone mini splits up to 2,500 square feet.

Each zone has its own independent temperature that’s controllable via a thermostat. If your bedroom is often warmer than the living room, you can set the bedroom to be cooler than the living room. This kind of customizable temperature freedom is a big selling point of ductless mini split systems.

To switch the temperature of any indoor air-handling unit in the various zones in your home or building, you can use a wireless or wired remote. Each unit will come with its own remote, so try not to get them confused or lost!

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