How Much Energy Does a Mini-Split Use?

You’ve might have heard that ductless mini-split systems use less energy compared to more traditional heating and cooling methods. This fact also may be what has inspired you to consider getting a mini-split or two installed in your home.

You don’t just want to hear blanket terms like lower energy use, though. The proof is in the pudding, and you want to see numbers. How much energy will a mini-split use?

The answer varies depending on a couple of factors, including the mini-split model, its heating or cooling load, the outdoor temperature, and how many mini-splits you have. That may sound a bit confusing, but we’ll explain everything ahead, so keep reading. We even have a few real-world examples for you.

Okay, so let’s say your home has a single ductless mini-split that consumes power at a rate of 9 kilo-British thermal units or kBTUs. A single kilowatt hour or kWh is the equivalent of 3.142 kBTUs. You can get this number by multiplying 1 kWh by 3.142. If you had 2 kWh then, that’s the equivalent of 6.284 kBTUs. Up to 3 kWhs is 9.426 kBTUs, which is about what we said in our example.

Sticking with that example, you have a mini-split using power at 9 kBTUs or roughly 3 kWhs. The energy efficiency ratio or EER is calculated by taking the BTUs and the wattage of the mini-split to produce a rating of unit efficiency. So in BTUs (not kBTUs), the above mini-split unit operates at 9,000 BTUs. The wattage is estimated to be 600 watts, giving you an EER of 15.

A good EER rating is quite high, as it means the air conditioning or heating is running exceptionally well. The more the EER rating goes up, though, the more money you often spend on the unit.

There’s also the seasonal energy efficiency ratio or SEER. This focuses more on certain seasons and how well the mini-split heats or cools a home. With the SEER rating, you know the top efficiency of your unit. SEER ratings start at 13 and go all the way to 21.

Using an EER rating in a similar regard then, a rating of 15 is on the lower end. This mini-split unit wouldn’t be exceptionally expensive. That said, it could also stand to cool or warm a space more efficiently. You might want to consider getting another mini-split to make up for any gaps in heating or cooling.

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