How Much Does It Cost to Recharge a Mini Split?

Refrigerants last forever, however when the stuff is fully expelled, you need to get your mini split recharged. This article will be your guide!

What Does It Mean to Recharge a Mini Split?

To recharge a mini split has less to do with your mini split system itself and more to do with replenishing the depleted levels of refrigerant or freon.

The reason the act is referred to as “charging” is because charging kits or bulk refrigerant containers are favored for the job of replacing refrigerant levels. These units will have enough fluid to charge the refrigerant once.

This means the ductless mini split system has a full charge of freon.

How Much Does It Cost to Recharge a Mini Split?

When the time comes to get your mini split recharged, the service costs $100 to $300. For the expense, you’ll get a pound and a half to two or more pounds of refrigerant added to the line of your ductless mini split system. This could last forever if there is no leak in the system

Do I Need to Get My Mini Split Charged If It’s New?

Did you just get your mini split system installed? If so, then you shouldn’t have to worry about recharging it for a good long time, depending on the length of the line system.

A new mini split will come pre-charged. That said, freon leaks can occur. These leaks are usually caused by long-term corrosive substances such as formaldehyde or formic acid, but poor craftsmanship or a manufacturing error could cause your mini split to leak freon. So too could user error.

No matter the cause, you’ll want to contact your mini split technician immediately. They can likely repair the issue that caused the leak before the matter becomes severe.  Your mini split will be recharged as well.

Can I Recharge a Mini Split Myself?

If you’re on a very tight budget, then of course, you won’t be thrilled at the prospect of having to shell out $100 or more to get your mini split system recharged. It would be a lot more convenient if you could just do it yourself.

Can you?

No, and for a multitude of reasons.

First, you don’t have the equipment needed to recharge a mini split. As you’ll recall, recharging requires charging kits or bulk refrigerant containers. These aren’t something the average person can just buy because they have no need to.

Even if you somehow could get your hands on a charging kit or a bulk refrigerant container, that doesn’t change the fact that the amount of refrigerant you need would likely cost more than what you’d pay to let a mini split technician recharge the unit.

Plus, if you make a mistake, you could cause more costly issues with your mini split. It’s a lot of money to potentially lose!

If you’re still not totally convinced, this ought to do it. Recharging your mini split will often void your warranty. Should something go wrong with your mini split from here on out, you’d be forced to pay for the issue out of pocket.