How Much Does It Cost to Install a Ductless Mini Split AC?

Your old air conditioner is finally on its way out. You’ve known this moment was going to come for a while now, but it doesn’t mean you have to be happy about it.

You’ve done some cursory research into a new cooling system, and a ductless mini split seems like it could offer more of what you’re looking for. You could have more cooling efficiency, plus no more ducts. That's always nice!

However, before you make up your mind, you need to know how much a ductless mini split air conditioner costs to get installed.

According to home remodel planning website Modernize, the cost of installing a ductless mini split system is between $1,500 and $8,500. The average price is $5,000, which is right in the sweet spot.

Why such a huge price discrepancy, you ask? Well, installation costs are dictated by factors such as how many ductless air conditioners you need.

For example, if you buy only one ductless air conditioner, then Modernize states the price would be $1,800. You’d pay the lower end of the installation price estimate.

For two ductless air conditioners, now your project price increases to $2,500. If you need three ductless air conditioners, the price jumps again to $3,000.

Finally, by adding four ductless air conditioners or more, expect to pay $3,800.

Keep in mind that these prices account for how much the ductless air conditioner alone costs and does not tally in the installation fees as well.

Other factors that play a role in what you might spend on mini split installation include the following:

House size: A smaller house has a much less complicated heating and cooling setup. You won’t need as many mini split air conditioners either, which lessens your installation costs.
How many rooms: Even in a smaller home, a lot of rooms mean that the heating and cooling can feel different from room to room. You might want more mini split air conditioners.
House layout: Does your home have a rather complex layout? The more effort that the installation team has to expend, the higher the labor charges will be in your final bill.
Now that you know how much it costs to install a ductless mini split air conditioner, you can begin planning and budgeting for your project.

Upgrading to a ductless mini split system is an efficient choice that will greatly benefit your wallet. Every month, your eco-friendly air conditioner/heater will decrease your energy bills.

Over the years, you could save thousands of dollars and sometimes even tens of thousands of dollars just by upgrading to a ductless mini split system. It's certainly worth it!