How Many Zones Can a Mini Split Have?

You’ve had it with your current HVAC setup. All year, your air conditioner or heater blows throughout various rooms, sometimes in spaces that don’t even need it, wasting your money. You want to switch to a ductless mini split system, but something is giving you pause. You have a rather large home or a commercial building which is divided into many zones. You’re wondering if a mini split system could have enough zones for you.

In today’s post, we’ll talk in more detail about zones, including how many zones you can get out of a mini split. Keep reading!

What Are Mini Split Zones?

First of all, what are zones? A zone is any area that’s a contender for an indoor mini split unit. Depending on the home or building, a zone can be an entire room or part of a room. For instance, maybe you have a large warehousing building. The central room has electrical equipment that makes it warmer on that side than the other side. That one room could be considered more than one zone.

How Many Zones Can a Mini Split Have?

You’re looking for multi-zone heating and cooling, which means more than one indoor air-handling unit attached to the outdoor compressor of your ductless mini split system. How many zones can a mini split have?

That depends on what you need! With a branch box outdoor compressor, multiple connections are included. You might be able to attach several indoor air-handling units to one branch-box connection. This allows you to easily surpass eight heating and cooling zones.

How Do You Know How Many Zones Your Home or Building Is?

This is great news for you, as it means you can consider a ductless mini split system for your large home or commercial building. Before you go calculating the BTUs you’ll need out of your mini split, you need to divide your home or building into zones. How do you do this?

You need to ask yourself some questions to get an accurate zone count.

  • How many rooms in your home or commercial building are hotter than the others?
  • How many rooms are cooler than the others?
  • What’s the ideal temperature that you prefer? How about the rest of your family or your coworkers/colleagues?
  • Which rooms get the most use versus those that get the least amount of use?
  • Which rooms, if any, are drafty?

After you answer each of those questions, you can assess how many zones your home or commercial building has. Remember, a zone doesn’t necessarily have to be a defined room, but it can be another space in the home or building. Consider less the difference from one room to another and more the difference in temperature from one space to another.

For Multi-Zone Heating and Cooling, Count on PowerSave AC

Once you know how many zones you need heating or cooling for, give us a call at PowerSave AC. Our multi-zone ductless mini split systems go up to five zones. We even shave off the overall price of your units by 12 percent if you buy more than 10!