How Long Is a Mini Split?

When planning for a ductless mini split system, one of the considerations to keep in mind is size. That’s especially paramount if you don’t necessarily have the biggest backyard or a lot of space in your home or commercial building.

Naturally, you have to ask, how long is a ductless mini split?

Well, a mini split system is comprised of various parts.

One of these is the compressor, which is sometimes known as the condenser. This is the outdoor unit that’s connected to the various indoor units via a series of wires.

The compressor contains coolant, coils, and other components that allow it to convert the air pumping through the system from hot to cold or vice-versa.

A compressor is fairly sizable, with an average depth of a foot and a width of two and a half feet.

You have to know the precise measurements of your compressor before the mini split technicians arrive to install your system, as you’ll need to pour or purchase a concrete pad for the compressor.

The purpose of the concrete pad is to safeguard the compressor from exposure to the elements such as snow and wet dirt. The elevated height of the compressor is also handy for ensuring twigs, stones, and other debris can’t easily get into the unit.

What about the indoor air-handling units?

Well, those come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the manufacturer. The average size is twice as tall compared to a compressor, but that’s not the gospel from one mini split brand to another.

You can expect an air-handling unit to measure about nine inches deep, one foot tall, and 30 inches long.

An air-handling unit is typically longer than it is taller, but that’s not a hard and fast rule. Some homeowners and business owners will request a floor unit or low-wall air-handling unit.

These units have a lot more height compared to the average long unit and might measure three feet in width, nine inches deep, and two feet tall or shorter.

Yet another option at your disposal for indoor air-handling units is the recessed ceiling cassette unit. These blend well into the ceiling and are a lot more commonly seen in commercial buildings than in households.

Even still, of all the three types of indoor mini split units, a recessed ceiling cassette is going to be the largest by far in height, width, and depth.

Keep in mind that these are just the dimensions for the mini split system itself. That system still needs wire connecting the indoor and outdoor units, and the average length of that is 25 feet.

We hope the information in this post helps you plan a ductless mini split for your home.

Mini splits originated in Japan in narrow homes that didn’t have the space for window air conditioning units. These units are made to fit even unconventional homes, so don’t feel like you can’t enjoy their incredible heating and cooling power!