How Do You Reset a Mini Split?

A dazzling thunderstorm just passed through your area. Well, the storm was dazzling until it knocked your power out. Now you’re less than happy. After the breaker was tripped, your ductless mini split doesn’t want to turn back on.

You could really use it now, as the humidity in your home is increasing thanks to the heat from the storm. What should you do?

Now is a good time to reset your ductless mini split system. Here’s how it’s done.

First, turn off your ductless mini split. Even though it might not be getting any power now, that will change after you reset it.

Next, find your home’s breaker box. The breaker might have a metal or plastic exterior if this is your first time accessing yours and you don't know what to look for. The box should be installed against an exterior wall, and it could be painted so it doesn’t stand out, although not always.

Once you’ve located the breaker box, it’s time to power down your ductless mini split system by flipping the switch from on to off. Now wait for 60 seconds at least, and then flip the breaker switch so it’s on again.

To allow the internal circuit breaker time to recalibrate, give the ductless mini split system a half-hour. Then you can turn the unit on again. It should power back on and be ready to provide heating or cooling depending on your settings.

Since you reset it, the ductless mini split might not remember whether you were cooling or heating your home, so make sure you adjust the settings properly before you walk away. Otherwise, you could get a blast of cold air in the winter or hot air in the summer!

You’ll also likely have to retune the temperatures of the air-handling units using your remote. This should only take a couple of minutes, though.

Then you’re done! You can consider your ductless mini split officially reset.

Now, what happens if, after resetting the mini split, the unit still doesn’t want to turn back on? In that case, the storm might have caused serious damage to your mini split. We’d recommend calling your mini split technician as soon as you can get them to your home or commercial building.

Another instance in which you’ll want to see your mini split technician is if the mini split keeps tripping itself even though the rest of your home maintains its electricity. If these random outages aren’t attributed to storms or power overloads, then there is one or more potential issues going on.

It could be that the compressor is on the verge of failure, either due to lack of maintenance or damage. The fan motor could have malfunctioned, or the wiring in your ductless mini split system might have gone bad. If the air filter gets clogged, this can also cause the mini split unit to trip.

None of these are issues you should attempt to repair yourself, so please, have your mini split technician’s number handy.