How Do I Know If My Mini Split Is Low on Freon?

Your air conditioning system relied on freon. Although an air conditioner and a ductless mini split system are about as different as they can be regarding how energy efficient they are and how much you’ll pay on your utility bills, both units use freon.

Freon is a non-combustible refrigerating gas. Refrigerant and oil travel through the system and air passes through the evaporator coil to remove the heat when working on the cooling mode and releases that heat when air passes through the coil on the condensing coil.

As a necessity in your ductless mini split, you’d like to know when the freon levels in the unit are running low. This way, you can call your mini split technician to replace the freon so your mini split never has to operate without this refrigerant.

Are there any ways to determine how much freon your mini split has left? Yes, indeed, so let’s take a closer look now.

  1. Your Condenser Coils Have Frozen (this only occurs on heating mode, on cooling mode it will happen in the evaporator)

When your outdoor compressor lacks the refrigerant to work as intended, heat insulation can occur. The cool air around the condenser coils will freeze.

  1. You See or Hear Liquid Dripping

The air in the compressor freezes thanks to any remaining freon, and that air then becomes a liquid. The liquid is just water, but it’s still concerning to see it coming out of your mini split or to hear it dripping.

  1. Your Mini Split Is Not Working as Intended

The cool air that comes out of your ductless mini split system doesn’t feel as cool as it usually does. If you’re running the heating function on your mini split, the air might feel cool to the touch instead.

This latter issue isn’t exclusively caused by low freon levels but can also be attributed to an old or blocked-up air filter and thermostat settings.

The above causes of low freon could be due to freon leaks. If you hear a hissing sound from your ductless mini split, that’s more indicative of a freon leak than it is the freon lessening over time.

In both instances, you should still call your ductless mini split technician. They can access the intricate parts of the mini split system. If the freon is low and nothing is wrong with the mini split, then the technician will top off the freon.

Should the mini split technician discover a freon leak or another issue that’s causing your mini split system to underperform, they’ll get the issue remediated. Before you know it, you’ll be able to enjoy a warmer or cooler home through your mini split.

Since a lack of freon can cause your ductless mini split system to strain harder than necessary, which could damage the unit, don’t wait to call your technician if you suspect your mini split has a freon issue!