How Do I Choose a Ductless Mini Split?

It’s taken you some time to reach this point, but you’ve determined a ductless mini split is the best heating/cooling solution for your home or office. As your research has taken you even further, you’ve realized there exist quite a large amount of mini split manufacturers. That gives you tons of options, far more than you need. How do you choose the best mini split for you?

Here are some factors that ought to make narrowing down your decision easier.

Zone Cooling/Heating

Your home or office building is divided into different zones. Some of these may have more heating/cooling needs and others fewer. This zone breakdown will thus point you in the right direction for your ductless mini split.

For example, if you only have one zone that needs heating or cooling, such as a small office, then a single-zone ductless mini split system is best for you. If you’ve identified several zones, then a multi-zone mini split would suit your needs best. These multiple zones could include three, four, or five zones, sometimes even more.


While ductless mini splits tend to outperform the competition, you still want a model that performs even better than that. Set your sights on a mini split system with both heating and cooling capabilities for starters. Then, review its heating/cooling potential as an output in British thermal units or BTUs to get a good idea of how efficiently the mini split may perform.


You will of course want to save money where you can on your new investment, but don’t cut corners. A cheap unit may not deliver the heating and cooling you need, and you can’t guarantee it will be energy-efficient, either.

If you’ve determined your home or office only requires a single-zone mini split, then you’ll save the most money. The more mini splits you add, the higher the cost.

Price Savings

That said, you can recoup some of that money back. The exemplary energy efficiency of a ductless mini split system can lessen your energy bills. Now, each month, you’ll have more money in your pocket that you can save or spend–it’s up to you!

Over time, the mini split practically pays for itself, making it an incredibly worthwhile decision for many a homeowner and business owner.

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