How Big of a House Can a Mini Split Cool?

Living in a large house undoubtedly has its advantages, such as plenty of space and luxurious amenities. When it comes to heating and cooling your home though, you have some rather unique challenges.

You’ve decided you want to upgrade to a ductless mini split system, as you’ve heard they’re more cost-effective and energy-efficient. You have no idea whether a mini split can cool your home given its size.

To answer that question, we highly suggest you use our hvac load calculator tool! Our tool correlates the square footage of your home to the amount of cooling power needed from a mini split in British thermal units or BTUs.

The tool correlates to the size of the zones that a ductless mini split will provide cooling for. A zone is an area in which a technician will install an indoor air-handling unit.

The air-handling unit provides cool air. It can also release warm air too if you live in a chilly region, or you get particularly cold winters.

A zone does not necessarily have to be an entire room in your home. For many people who use a ductless mini split system, a zone is a room, but its definition expands beyond that.

You should choose a zone based on which parts of your home have different cooling needs than the others.

For many homes, that’s upstairs, especially for a multi-story home like yours might be. Heat rises, and so the second floor will always be warmer than the main floor, and a third floor would be warmer than the second floor, and so on and so forth.

With various zones across the second and third floors of your large house, you could use a ductless mini split system to enjoy more coolness in these usually warm spaces.

In the meantime, downstairs, which feels quite comfortable, wouldn’t be cooled to the same degree since it doesn’t need it.

This is how a ductless mini split system is more energy-efficient than traditional HVAC. You can pick and choose which parts of your home receive cooling, and with an included remote control, you can even customize just how cool the rooms are down to the degree Fahrenheit!