Does Ductless Air Conditioning Increase Home Value?

You’re always interested in learning new ways to increase the value of your home. It’s not that you plan on moving anytime soon. Rather, you’re all about the peace of mind in knowing that, should you move, you could likely earn more on your home resale than what you spent on it.

In making decisions conscious of driving up your home’s value, you may wonder about making the switch to ductless air conditioning. Could this change increase your home value or will that value take a hit?

Chances are adding or upgrading your A/C will increase your home value. While having any form of air conditioning always beats having none at all, there are certain types of cooling that might make the better choice for your home long-term.

For instance, take ductless air conditioning. This form of AC is comprised of a compressor that goes outside as well as one or several units mounted inside to a wall, ceiling, or even a floor in some instances. These units provide cooling.

If you have a troublesome room in your house that always gets too warm, you might worry that this could turn away potential homebuyers. After all, anyone who might buy your home would want to be comfortable in each and every room, not just most or a few. With ductless air conditioning, you can ameliorate any issues with a too-warm room. This makes any space in your home habitable.

Another area in which ductless air conditioning can increase your home value is in its energy efficiency. No one would willingly want to buy a house knowing it’s not very energy efficient. This is only going to cost them more every month in energy bills. When you make the switch to a ductless AC system, you know you’re opting for the most energy-smart option for your home.

Now if you wanted to go ahead and sell your property, you can do so with the confidence that it’s a great find for homebuyers. Even if you never do sell, you can reap the benefits that an energy-efficient air conditioning system can provide. For instance, your own monthly energy bills will be a lot lower.

If you're actively building a new home than the ways you can increase the value of your new home can be more creative. One of the more creative ways to increase home value if you're building a house from scratch might be to skip the duct work completely and go for a ductless air conditioning system.

With a ductless air conditioning system, you can get rid of the ugly ductwork that may have driven down your home’s cooling/heating efficiency and asking price. Also, if you’re worried about the cooling units creating an unsightly silhouette, it’s possible for these units to be hidden so they’re not nearly as noticeable. You don’t get that same benefit with traditional air conditioning.

If you’re ready to make the switch to ductless air conditioning for a higher home value, call on us at PowerSave AC today. We specialize in ductless heating and cooling systems of all kinds. Our phone number is 1-877-297-6594.