Do You Need a Ceiling Fan If You Have a Mini Split?

Almost every ceiling in your home has its own fan. On especially sweltering summer days and nights, you rely on those fans to provide cool air. After another heatwave though, you’ve decided you need a better cooling (and heating) solution.

That’s inspired you to consider a ductless mini split system. Your system has yet to be installed, but you’re wondering if you should still keep your ceiling fans or whether they’d be redundant.

There’s no need to get rid of your ceiling fans now that you’ve chosen a ductless mini split system. You certainly won’t have to use your ceiling fans as much though, that’s for sure!

After all, ceiling fans don’t reduce the air temperature, as they have no means of cooling. Instead, all they do is circulate the air. If the air in the room is already cooled, then your room will continue to feel cold.

There’s some evidence that ceiling fans can work in conjunction with a mini split to make it more effective. You need to turn your ceiling fan counterclockwise, which is the opposite of the direction it normally spins.

In doing so, while your ductless mini split is on, the fan will take the warmer air that’s near the ceiling and send it down. The indoor air-handling units of your mini split system will receive that warm air, circulate it through to the outdoor compressor, cool the air along the way, and then release it through the vents of the air-handling unit.

Many rooms that utilize ceiling fans are ideal candidates for a ductless mini split system, especially home offices, basements, sunrooms or enclosed patios, bedrooms, and home additions.

If you’re ready to begin planning your ductless mini split project, contact our team at PowerSave AC. We have everything you need to cool and heat your home more effectively. Our single-zone mini splits are for cooling small areas. If you need more consistent cooling across your home or commercial building, we sell two-zone, three-zone, four-zone, and five-zone ductless mini split systems.

Our zero-percent APR financing through Affirm is good for 18 months. We keep monthly payments affordable so you can have your mini split now in the heat of summer without having to worry about financial stress.

At PowerSave AC, we also sell a variety of great accessories to make your mini split even more effective, everything from air curtains to replacement parts.

Going ductless is a fantastic choice for many homes and commercial buildings. You can cool (or heat) parts of your home to different temperatures so everyone is happy. Indoor air-handling units won’t detract from the look of your home either. Oh, and did we mention you can shave a lot of money off your monthly utility bills?

Why not give us a call today to learn more? You can reach PowerSave AC at 877-297-6594.