Do Split Systems Need Re-gassing?

A season or two ago, you upgraded to a split system air conditioner. Your air conditioning system now includes an outdoor and indoor unit. Both units are connected via a copper tube that can send cold air via an air conditioner or hot air through a heat pump.

This cooled or heated air will blow throughout your home or commercial office building for the ultimate in comfort.

A neighbor of yours mentioned getting an old air conditioner regassed. Is that something you need for a split system AC as well? We’ll tell you in this article!

What Does It Mean to Get an Air Conditioner Regassed, Anyway?

Regassing is a process where a technician takes the refrigerant (in gas form) from a unit–usually an air conditioner–and replaces it with new refrigerant. This service is recommended mostly when an air conditioner stops running cold.

Does a Split System Air Conditioner Need Regassing?

A split system air conditioner is sealed throughout. This should, for the most part, keep the refrigerant that’s within the unit where it’s supposed to be.

Of course, there are exceptions. Although not common, leaks can occur. In that instance, then you’d want a technician to come out and diagnose the leak and then regas the split system air conditioner so it doesn’t run out of refrigerant prematurely.

In some cases, the split system AC might have not been fully charged when it was installed. This is a rather infrequent occurrence but still a possibility, so we wanted to mention it.

Outside of those unlikely scenarios though, you shouldn’t have much of a reason to get a split system air conditioner regassed.

Does Your Split System Require Other Servicing?

Now, please don’t take that to mean that your split system needs no maintenance and servicing at all, as it certainly does. At least once per year, you should have a technician come to your home or commercial building to service the air conditioner.

The technician will check for signs of exterior and/or interior damage to the split system AC. If other fluid levels are low, the technician can top off these fluids. That would include refrigerant, but you know by now that the refrigerant in your system should last you.

During the inspection, the technician will check filters and test components to ensure that everything is working as intended.

This preventative maintenance keeps your split system in operational shape for a long time to come!

Looking for Split Systems? Call PowerSave AC

Now that you know a split system doesn’t need regassing, you’re more interested in ever than adding one to your home. This is an excellent choice considering that split systems can often work as both air conditioners and heaters.

You won’t need to use both your furnace and your old clunky window ACs to keep your home comfortable. You’ll save on your energy bills and enjoy more efficient heating and cooling.

To shop split systems, contact us at PowerSave AC. We’re your AC specialists!