You’ve done a bit of research into ductless mini splits, and you can confidently say that you know this solution could adequately cool or heat your home or commercial building. The problem is, you worry about the compressor, which is an outdoor unit. It tends to get bitterly cold where you live in the winter. Could the mini split compressor possibly freeze in frigid temperatures or will it continue working?

Ductless mini splits at a moderate level can handle temperatures of at least 20 degrees Fahrenheit before their performance efficiency begins to decrease. If you have an economy mini split, this doesn’t begin losing efficiency until it reaches 30 degrees outside. Mini splits with a lower ambiance can withstand the lowest temperatures, zero degrees, before efficiency begins to take a hit.

How do you choose the type of mini split that’s best for you? You have to look at your climate.

For instance, if you experience mostly mild winters in your home state and the weather is quite warm the rest of the year, then an economy mini split should suffice. That said, you will have to check your compressor often if it ever gets bitterly cold in the winter. If the mercury reads 20 degrees, an economy mini split might power itself down to preserve itself. It won’t work again until the temperature increases at least 10 degrees.

What’s considered a mid-level type of mini split is an adept choice if your weather is colder throughout the year but you still have somewhat mild winters. Remember, these mini splits can handle temperatures of 20 degrees without losing even an ounce of efficiency. Once the temperatures dip down into the 10s, expect your mini split’s performance to decrease.

A low-ambient ductless mini split won’t drop performance if it’s exposed to temperatures in the 10s and even lower. If you get negative-degree winters often, then you must buy one of these mini splits, as they’re the only type that can withstand such strikingly low temperatures.

To keep your mini split heating your home or commercial building all winter long, we’d recommend scheduling mini split maintenance in the fall to ensure all the components are in tip-top shape. Also, you can go outside and clear any snow and debris off the exterior of the compressor so its temperature doesn’t go too low.

If you’re considering adding a ductless mini split or several to your home or office, call on our team at PowerSave AC. We’re an online mini split retailer. Our passionate, knowledgeable team will help you find the ductless mini split solution to warm and cool your home more efficiently. We even offer discounts if you order your mini splits in bulk, plus, you can always take advantage of financing through Affirm.

Whether you opt for a single-zone or multi-zone mini split, the monthly energy bill savings you’ll experience are tremendous. Give us a call today at 1-877-297-6594 to learn more. This winter, stay nice and toasty with a ductless mini split!