Do Mini Splits Require 220?

You have done your research, and you’ve decided that you’re interested in a ductless mini split system for your home or office. Before you schedule your installation job though, you want to be sure you have the full picture of what to expect. Namely, what kind of power requires does a mini split have? Does it need to be on 220 volts or something else entirely?

To determine the power requirements of your ductless mini split system, you must know its model and the unit’s size.

The smaller your ductless mini split generally, the less power you need. For example, if your system produces heating or cooling at a rate of 9,000 BTUs or 12,000 BTUs, then you should comfortably be able to use 110 volts of power on your ductless mini split.

Once your mini split system exceeds 12,000 BTUs, the chances of it needing at least 220 volts of power go up significantly.

Besides knowing the kind of power requirements for the ductless mini split, you also must confirm that you have the right breaker panel size. Heavier-duty mini splits that run on more power (at least 220 volts) must be attached to your electrical service panel via hardwiring, so a breaker panel that is too small for the mini split will not suffice.

Also, check that your breaker panel can withstand the extra current draw for safety’s sake before you start running your mini split.

To wire the mini split to your breaker panel, you would need to know the wire gauge of each mini split. The wire gauge is another way of referring to the wire’s thickness. Your mini split can have a wire gauge of #10, #12, #14, or #16. The connecting wire should be the same gauge as the mini split’s wire gauge and have a UL listed rating for sun exposure. Otherwise, your wire may not have been tested for safety.

Depending on the gauge of the wire, a lower gauge has a greater thickness, meaning you can send more current through it. A higher-gauge wire is not designed for as much current pulsing through it, as it is not nearly as thick. If your mini split’s wire says #14 or #16, then your limit might be something like 13 amps.

Here is the max amount of usable power depending on your mini split wire gauge:

  • #10-gauge wire: 30 amps
  • #12-gauge wire: 20 amps
  • #14-gauge wire: 15 amps
  • #16-gauge wire: 13 amps

Of course, we would not advise you to tinker around with your mini split’s wiring yourself. Only allow a certified electrician to take care of that job. Otherwise, you are putting your health and even your life at risk.

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