Do Mini Splits Have Thermostats?

In the wintertime, when you feel a chill in the air at home, you hop off the couch, pause your latest Netflix show, and make your way over to your thermostat. You might bump up the thermostat to combat the coldness in the air.

Then, when summer comes, you watch your thermostat like a hawk, especially when the dog days of the season arrive. You love to hear your air conditioner click and hum, as that’s a sign that it’s turning on and your home will feel more comfortable soon.

Those days are behind you now that you’ve ditched the traditional HVAC and made the jump to a ductless mini split system. One thing you didn’t think about before now was temperature control. Can you use a thermostat to set how cold or hot your ductless mini split runs?

You can indeed!

Each ductless mini split system includes at least one air-handling unit that’s installed in your home. Many of our clients use at least two air-handling units, but that depends on their heating and cooling needs.

When we plan for your ductless mini split system, one of the tasks we’ll take care of is designating zones. A zone does not have to be a whole room (although it can be), but rather, an area in your home or commercial building with special heating and/or cooling requirements.

We’ll install one air-handling unit per zone. Each of the air-handling units has an internal thermostat and an included remote. You can use the remote to check the temperature of an air-handling unit. As you’d assume, you can also increase or decrease the temperature of the air-handling unit via the remote.

You can customize the temperature with a ductless mini split system far more than you ever could with a standard heater or air conditioner. With those units, the temperature you set according to the thermostat is the temperature the whole home is supposed to reach.

Yet sometimes you don’t want your whole home to be the same temperature. For example, if you have an upstairs office, you know that heat rises. Someone who’s hanging out downstairs might be colder than you, so they turn the heat up. Then you’re left sweltering.

If your upstairs office was its own designated zone and downstairs in your home was another zone, then you could reduce the temperature of your air-handling unit upstairs while increasing the heat downstairs.

Everyone in the house is happy, as they can feel comfortable according to where they’re spending time in the house. This issue can also help if part of your home is rather drafty.

The best part about using energy wisely like this is that your monthly utility bills will be lower. Everyone loves saving money, and with a ductless mini split system, now you can! On our PowerSave AC website, our energy savings calculator will help you determine exactly how much extra money could be coming your way!