Do Mini Splits Have Filters?

handling unit’s filter is to purify the air that’s sent into your home. To access the filters, you need to find your indoor air-handling unit.

At the front of the unit should be a panel. You might have to unscrew or unclip it depending on the design, or perhaps the panel opens right up. Once you have the front panel open, you should be able to see the filters in the air-handling unit.

Since this is your first time changing them, the filters are likely going to be filthy. That’s okay, as you can clean them off and put them back in as good as new.  

How Often Do You Need to Change Mini Split Filters?

You do some other basic maintenance to your ductless mini split system such as cleaning minor debris off the outdoor compressor. Add filter cleaning to that maintenance routine. Once per two weeks, you should check the filters. You might not have to replace them yet, but you at least want to see what kind of shape they’re in.

How to Clean Your Mini Split Filter

The good news is you don’t need a technician to clean your mini split filter. Cleaning is easy if you follow these steps.

Always turn off your ductless mini split system before handling its components, filters included. Let the unit cool down and then access the front panel of the air-handling unit. Retrieve the filter. With water and mild dish soap, wash away the dirt and grime from the filter.

Rinse the soap residue away and then let the filter air-dry in a shady area. When the filter is dry, you can put it back in the air-handling unit and power your mini split system back on.

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