Do Mini Splits Do Exchange Air?

You hear it about it all the time in standard HVAC units: air exchange. This function occurs through an air exchanger, a form of ventilation that requires ducts. As you get ducts built into your attic, the ducts branch off into two grilles. One of these is for stale air exhaust and the other is for fresh air distribution.

The stale air, which is typically in your home’s upper levels, may also include pollutants and humidity. The air exchanger receives that stale air and then sends it out of your home as exhaust. This controls the warmth in your home as well as makes the air you breathe healthier for you. As for the fresh air, it goes through the air exchanger and comes out the other side as fresh, warm air that’s piped throughout your home.

If you’re thinking of getting a ductless mini split installed in your home or commercial building, you may wonder if the air exchanger will come built into the unit or if you’d have to buy the exchanger separately.

Mini splits cannot exchange air like a traditional air conditioner can. However, you can install a fresh air processing unit that will filter out carbon dioxide so concentrations never reach dangerous levels. Even moderate amounts of carbon dioxide in the house can lead to symptoms like sleepiness, but not with a mini split's fresh air processing unit.

A fresh air processing unit works in the following way. Air from outdoors gets filtered through the unit. There, it's cooled so it's comfortable and then piped back inside. Any exhaust in the air is removed before this fresher air is sent back to your home or commercial building so there's no risk of reduced air quality.

You can still enjoy all the benefits you’d have with a ducted air exchanger by getting ductless mini splits installed in your home or building. It’s much easier to control humidity with a ductless mini split. Reduced humidity can prevent the development of mold and mildew, which can wreak havoc on any home. You’ll also want to use the AC less as you reduce humidity because your home or office will feel more comfortable.

If you have anyone in your family with allergies, the fresher air through your ductless mini split system may reduce symptoms. Without that, you’re left breathing in all sorts of irritants, including dander, pollen, mold, and dust, all of which can indeed get inside the home. Clearing that stale outdoor air and bringing in fresh indoor air will let everyone in the house breathe easier.

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