Choosing the Best Location For a Mini Split

You’re happy with your decision to get a ductless mini split system, but the question becomes where the indoor air-handling units will go. You’re also not sure where on your property the outdoor compressor or condenser should be installed.

We’re here to make these decisions easier. Keep reading for tips on deciding where to home the components of your ductless mini split-system.

Considerations for the Compressor

The outdoor compressor usually goes in the backyard of a home, but not always. It’s ideal if you have an area of concrete or hard ground for the compressor. If you don’t, then your technician will suggest pouring a concrete pad instead. This will take more time and add to the expense of your ductless mini split system installation.

The compressor must be able to operate unobstructed, so putting it near any obstacles is not recommended. Whether that’s your home’s sidewall, a pile of stones or branches, or another outdoor feature, these items should be kept far away from the compressor.

It’s best if the compressor is not out in the open though. It should have some form of overhead protection so it doesn’t get the full brunt of the sun, rain, and snow. If you have an awning in your yard, for example, you can put the compressor under the awning.

Considerations for the Indoor Air Handling Units

Once you decide where the compressor will go, you next have to choose the locations of the indoor air-handling units. Like the compressor, the air-handling units need unobstructed flow. A unit is better off in the middle of a room or zone than tucked away in a corner.

Depending on the size of the room, your mini split technician might have some recommendations for placement. For a room with tall ceilings, installing the air-handling units from the ground about eight feet up will promote better airflow. If your ceiling is a normal height, then the unit shouldn’t be any higher than two feet from the top of the wall.

Another reason to avoid hiding the indoor air-handling units is that they need to be cleaned several times per year. If you have a hard time reaching the units, they can go without cleaning for too long.

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