Can You Put a Mini Split Over a Window?

In the summer, a window air conditioner in nearly every opening is a common sight in your home. Recently, you sat down and evaluated how much you’re spending on utilities. You can’t believe what electricity suckers all those window units can be!

You need to do something about your HVAC spending. After a bit of research, you became interested in ductless mini splits, which you’ve heard can save you money on your monthly electricity bills.

Can you put a mini split over a window like you would your air conditioner? Not exactly, because a ductless mini split system doesn’t work the same way.

Allow us to explain the parts of a mini split. The outdoor compressor or condenser sits in your yard. Connected to the compressor is a series of indoor air-handling units. These units release the cold air in the summer and then warm air in the winter.

The air-handling units have evaporator coils that are cold due to the refrigerant in the system. When warm air enters the mini split, the coils absorb the heat and send the cool air out of the vents.

An air-handling unit is not the same size as a window air conditioner, so it wouldn’t even fit in your window opening. That said, some homeowners do request that their technicians install a mini split through the window. The indoor air-handling unit would go above the window on the wall while the refrigerant lines pass through the window.

You don’t have to utilize that option yourself, but it’s certainly on the table. You can select virtually any other place in a room for the air-handling unit with a few exceptions. If the air-handling unit is mounted to a wall, then it should be at least eight feet from your floor and no more than 10 feet. This placement ensures that the air-handling unit doesn’t blow cold air straight at the ceiling, which would be a waste.

If you’re not so fond of the look of your air-handling unit you may want to consider getting the mini split installed in a corner, or construct a recessed niche. Be sure to talk to your mini split technician before starting work on any of these projects, as they can tell you how feasible they are.

Freeing up your windows once you ditch the window ACs and get a ductless mini split system will certainly be a gamechanger. Summertime is the season of the most daylight, but a bulky window unit usually prohibits you from enjoying all that sun. Now you’ll be able to drink in the beauty of the season every day.

Ductless mini splits are a wise choice for household cooling for so many other reasons. Rather than continue to use separate ACs and heaters, you can get both heating and cooling from your ductless mini split system. Best of all? Mini splits use far less electricity than your collection of window air conditioners.

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