Can You Put a Mini Split in the Basement?

You’ve long had an interest in a ductless mini split system, but you’ve never been sure where you’d put such a system. Perhaps your home is narrow or uniquely designed. You’d like a mini split in the basement, but you’re just not sure how feasible that is.

You can indeed put a ductless mini split in the basement, which we’re sure is music to your ears.

Allow us to be clear when we talk about what a ductless mini split system is.

A ductless mini split system is comprised of three parts. There’s the compressor, the indoor air-handling unit(s), and the refrigerant line that connects them. The refrigerant can change the air temperature that then comes out of the air-handling unit feeling temperate and comfortable.

The compressor, which is also known as the condenser, is always supposed to go outdoors. Its placement should be on a slab of concrete that you pour in preparation for installation.

Ideally, the compressor should have some degree of overhead protection, such as from an awning or a roof rather than a tree.

The compressor might not be able to go in your basement, but the indoor air-handling unit can.

The indoor mini split units can heat or cool parts of your home according to zones. A zone is a portion of your house with unique heating and cooling needs. Those needs should differ from other parts of the house.

You can have as few as one zone and as many as five with an indoor air-handling unit to accommodate each. Your basement could count as an entire zone or two.

There are plenty of reasons why a basement is a great candidate for a ductless mini split system.

Your basement might not be insulated. If so, then it doesn’t always have the best temperature control compared to the rooms on the main floor and the second or third floor. In the summer, your basement is very warm, and in the winter, it feels bone-chillingly cold.

With a ductless mini split system, you can counteract some of those temperature extremes. Insulating the basement would make it even more energy-efficient.

You might have finished your basement and like to use it for hobbies or recreation. A mini split system can keep the room comfortable enough so that you can play and enjoy without having to worry about feeling hot or cold.

Plus, considering how basements can get rather damp, a mini split is an excellent choice. As we wrote about recently, ductless mini splits can also work as a dehumidifier, removing about four pints of moisture from the air every hour.

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