Can You Put a Mini Split Condenser in the Attic?

You’ve decided you want a ductless mini split system to more adequately cool and heat your home. The only problem is, you’ve heard the condenser has to go outdoors, and you have hardly any room in your side yard or backyard. That has you wondering if maybe you could take the condenser and put it somewhere in the house where you do have the space for it, such as your home’s attic. Is it possible?

Putting your ductless mini split condenser in your attic is not recommended. To explain why, let’s talk a bit about what the mini split condenser is and how it works.

The condenser, which is also known as the compressor, is an outdoor unit. Your condenser works in conjunction with the indoor units or the mini splits themselves.

If your mini split cools your home, then the indoor units will send out warm air, which travels along evaporator coils. Since these coils are cool, the air becomes cool as well while the refrigerant absorbs the heat. Then that refrigerant goes to the condenser or compressor, which releases the air.

So now let’s say you put the condenser in the attic instead of outside. The mini split indoor units could still connect to the condenser, but the problem is where all that air will go.

You see, heat rises. Thus, your home’s attic is likely the hottest space in the house, or at least one of them. If the condenser can’t send the air outside, where it can naturally disperse, then all that warm air gets trapped upstairs in the attic. If you close the attic door, then the effects of this would be even more pronounced.

It wouldn’t take long for the attic to reach temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit in such a setup and perhaps even surpass those high temps. This will affect the capacity of your ductless mini split. Also, the unit’s operating pressures will go up, eventually leading to the premature failure of your ductless mini split system.

If you’re curious if you could exchange the attic for your home’s garage or the basement, the same rule applies. By its very nature, a compressor or condenser is an outdoor unit. That’s where it’s meant to be, as it’s the only way to keep the entire mini split system working efficiently.

A ductless mini split condenser is not necessarily as large as the bulky outdoor air conditioner you might own now. These units can be sized to your property so they don’t take up much room, meaning you’ll have the space to get a mini split system installed the right way, with the condenser outside.

At PowerSave AC, our team specializes in installing mini splits in residential and commercial properties. Whether your home would be more comfortable with one mini split attached to an outdoor compressor or several, we can help you achieve your heating and cooling goals.

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