Can Mini Splits Run on Propane?

You always have spare propane tanks lying around since you use the gas for your grill as well as your water heater. While that heater is working just fine, your furnace is not. You could also use a new air conditioner, as you’ve put that off for long enough.

You’re thinking of switching from traditional HVAC to a ductless mini split system. If you invest in a mini split, will it use propane for fuel?

No, ductless mini splits do not use propane or any other type of gas. Instead, allow us to explain how a ductless mini split system works.

The ductless mini split system includes an outdoor compressor or condenser as well as at least one indoor air-handling unit, perhaps several depending on your heating and cooling needs. The condenser and the air-handling units are attached via metal tubing, often copper.

The air that the air-handling unit receives comes from your home, specifically whichever room the air-handling unit is installed. The heat is taken away from the air that passes through the copper pipes in the evaporator and then that heat is taken out to the condenser to be released in the air. Within the pipes are coils that have coolant which transport the heat.

If the air in the room is hot, then when the hot air meets the coils, the coolant goes from a liquid to a gas. The gas travels through to the condenser. Electricity converts the recycled gas into a liquid state once more. The liquid is now cooler as well.

The liquid cycles through to the indoor air-handler where it expands and the refrigerant becomes cool, making cool air comes out. It can take several rotations for the room to become cooler, but due to the speed at which the above-described process occurs, you won’t be sitting and sweating for long.

As you can see, there’s no need for propane anywhere in a ductless mini split system. The mini split uses coolant, but that’s the only fluid required for excellent heating and cooling capabilities throughout your home.

Not having to use propane for your ductless mini split system is beneficial for several reasons. Anytime you don’t have to lug around a large jug of heavy propane, it’s going to be a good day.

Also, you end up saving money. Propane costs more than other natural gases. If you used your mini split as often as we’re sure you would, that would mean refilling your propane tanks all the time.

If anything, a ductless mini split system saves you money. Since the mini split heats and cools the zones that need it most, it doesn’t waste energy needlessly like traditional HVAC. Your energy bills should go down as a result.

It’s also good from a safety perspective that you don’t have to use propane any more often than necessary. Sure, in its liquid state, propane is not flammable, but propane gas is.

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