Can I Replace My Furnace with a Mini Split?

Your old furnace has finally kicked the bucket. You had kind of known this was going to happen, as, over the past several winters, the furnace had given you indications that its time was drawing to a close.

While you were expecting your furnace to die sooner or later, you were not expecting a new furnace to cost so much. You hadn’t been in the market for a furnace for 20 years, and you’re surprised at the prices of today’s furnaces.

Perhaps it’s time to consider another heating solution instead, you think. You’re somewhat familiar with ductless mini splits and are always interested in learning more.

Can a ductless mini split system act as a suitable furnace replacement?

Many people only think of ductless mini splits as a cooling solution, but that simply isn’t true. A mini split can provide heating just as much as it does cooling.

Rather than cool the air that the compressor or condenser collects, as is what usually happens with a mini split, the mini split system would warm the air instead.

That air comes into your home via indoor air-handling units. Each unit has its own thermostat and remote control for adjusting the thermostat.

We’re just scratching the surface regarding what’s so great about ductless mini splits. Compared to your old furnace, which was a huge energy hog, a mini split is incredibly energy-efficient.

The reason has to do with how the mini split works.

Basements and attics are two popular spots for a mini split since these are often uninsulated areas that can get very cold in the winter without the proper heating.

Since a mini split only warms the parts of your home that need it most (and you get to select which zones when the mini split technicians install the system), you’re not using nearly as much energy as you used to.

You’ll enjoy greater savings on your monthly utility bills month after month and year after year. Be sure to check out our useful mini split energy savings calculator to determine just how much money you can save.

The amount ought to leave your jaw on the floor, especially if you look at long-term savings over 10 or 15 years!

At the end of the day however a mini split is most likely not going to be enough to replace your old furnace to heat your home if you live in an area that has cold winters and we would not recommend replacing your furnace with a mini split.  A mini split can be a great complimentary heating or cooling source and can be a great way to add some extra comfort affordably to your home!

If you’re ready to explore your ductless mini split options, contact the pros at PowerSave AC today. Whether you want a single-zone system or a multi-zone system with up to five zones, we can find you the perfect mini split to keep you toasty all winter long!