Can a Mini Split Be Moved?

You’ve had a ductless mini split system for years now without complaints. After doing some significant home remodeling, you find yourself wishing some of the components of the system were in different places than they are.

Perhaps you’re bidding adieu to your home after having many happy memories there. You don’t want to leave your mini split for the next homeowners to use, especially because it’s made such a difference in how comfortable your home is, not to mention you love saving money on your energy bills.

Is it possible for you to move parts of your mini split to accommodate your new home setup? What about the whole thing?

Indeed, you can! That said, you can’t do it on your own. You’ll have to contact your mini split technician to come to the house and help.

The components of your ductless mini split system can be heavier than they look. For instance, did you know your indoor air-handling unit might weigh 40 pounds apiece? Considering that many customers request their air-handling units to be installed higher on a wall so they’re not as obvious as well as the fact that hot air rises while cold air goes down, trying to remove them yourself could be a recipe for disaster.

Here are the steps the mini split technicians will follow when they arrive at your home.

First, they’ll pump any remaining refrigerant out of the mini split system and into the compressor or condenser. Next, they’ll power down the components of the mini split system, including the condenser and the indoor air-handling units. This is to prevent electrocution or shock. Then the technicians can cut the pipework that allows for the mini split system to cool your home.

Finally, your mini split technicians will take the equipment piece by piece and move it to your new home. There, they’ll reinstall everything and possibly add more refrigerant to your mini split so you can begin enjoying cool air even before you’re all settled in.

Once you make your house a home, you’ll have lower monthly utility bills from the get-go. Depending on where you move, your energy savings could be even better than before! That extra money can go towards a rainy-day fund, your children’s college education, retirement, or any savings.

Here are some tips that can assist you as you move your ductless mini split system:

  • If your new backyard does not have a suitable place for the outdoor compressor, then pour or buy a concrete slab before the mini split technicians come. Remember that the best spot for a compressor is away from direct sunlight and heat as well as a good distance from plants and foliage.
  • Talk to your mini split technicians about upgrading your ductless mini split system if your home is significantly larger. If you downsized because you want to get in on the tiny home life, you might be able to remove several indoor air-handling units.
  • Request an inspection of your mini split system after it’s installed to ensure all the parts made it over to your new house in good condition.