Are Mini Splits Reliable?

You remember when you first bought your air conditioner or heater many years ago. At the time, it worked quite well, but as the years have gone by, the units have only become more unreliable. Every few months, they break down, requiring costly repairs.

You know that it’ll only be a matter of time before you have to replace your air conditioner or furnace, but you’re putting that off for as long as possible because new HVAC units are so expensive.

Maybe you won’t replace the units; perhaps you’ll try a ductless mini split system instead. A family member decided to make the switch, and they’ve been raving about how much they’re enjoying their new mini split.

Is a ductless mini split system going to be more reliable than your ailing air conditioner or furnace? Most definitely.

If you have central heating or cooling, then you know very well that the warm or cool air is dispensed to all the rooms in your home. This is wasteful. If your sunroom is warm, then why does it need hot air? Upstairs rooms don’t require as much heating either, as heat rises, so these rooms are usually warmer. Even in the summer, traditional HVAC continues to needlessly waste energy.

For example, the upstairs rooms are hot, but they’re only getting as much cool air as the rest of the house. The AC will stay on for even longer. The cooling doesn’t suffice for upstairs, which creates a jarring temperature differential if you’re upstairs versus downstairs.

Ductless mini split systems cool and heat according to zones. A zone doesn’t have to be a whole room, but an area of a room or a hall that has unique heating and cooling needs. Let’s use your sunroom as an example.

If your sunroom was one zone, then you could warm this space less than the other rooms in your home. For the warm upstairs rooms, you can increase the cooling there but maintain less cooling downstairs where the air is more temperate.

That’s done by installing indoor air-handling units as part of the ductless mini split system, with one air-handling unit per zone. You can customize the temperature of the air-handling unit with an included thermostat and remote.

Theoretically, if you wanted the sunroom to stay 70 degrees, the living room to be 75 degrees, and the upstairs bedroom to be 65 degrees, that’s feasible with a ductless mini split system. You don’t get that kind of temperature consistency and reliability with traditional HVAC.

When that’s coupled with the fact that ductless mini split systems regularly last 30 years and can lower your monthly energy bills, we think the choice is clear. A ductless mini split system will be a more reliable way to stay cool or warm all year long.

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