Are Mini Splits Quieter Than Window Units?

Rattle, hum, whine. You don’t mind the consistent whirring of your window air conditioning unit during the day, but as soon as you try to sleep, the noise becomes unbearable. You end up wearing earplugs just so you can get a good night’s sleep.

A neighbor recently told you about their ductless mini split system, which provides both heating and cooling. You weren’t too familiar with mini splits, so you began doing a bit of research and you like what you’ve read so far.

If you were to make the switch to a ductless mini split system, is it going to rattle and hum the same as your window AC does day and night?

No! For those who are light sleepers and need complete (or almost complete) quiet in their bedroom to fall asleep and stay asleep, a ductless mini split system makes a fantastic solution for staying cool all spring and summer long.

You can choose where in your bedroom the indoor air-handling unit is installed, such as higher or lower on a wall. This can also help in noise reduction. You won’t even believe your mini split is running, it’s what whisper quiet!

For example, you might get the air-handling unit mounted on the wall opposite your bed so you can’t hear the mini split system when it’s on. With a window unit air conditioner, you only have so many places you can put it, namely, the windows.

Would you believe that silence isn’t even the biggest benefit of a ductless mini split system? No, that would be how eco-friendly these systems are. As we mentioned, ductless mini splits can provide both heating and cooling to your home, which eliminates the need for separate HVAC units.

Your ductless mini split will also run more efficiently than even central heating and cooling and certainly more than a window air conditioning unit. The window unit can only blow cold air in one direction, right in front of it.

Central heating and cooling will fill an entire room with temperate air. That’s fine for most parts of the house, but what if you have a drafty room that doesn’t need the extra cooling? You’re wasting your money blowing cold air into that room.

Ductless mini split systems will cool or heat a space by its zone. A zone can be an entire room, such as that drafty room in your house, or parts of a room. Your drafty room could get more heating than the adjacent family room, for example.

If your upstairs bedroom gets hot since it has a lot of windows, but your windowless bathroom stays cooler, you can get an indoor air-handling unit for the bedroom but not the bathroom.

This customized cooling and heating can save you significant money on your energy bills month after month. If you’re interested in learning more, give us a call today. We’re PowerSave AC, your ductless mini split specialists. We sell single-zone and multi-zone mini splits for all your heating and cooling needs. We look forward to hearing from you!