Are Mini Splits Drafty?

Is your home on the drafty side? You know you could use new weatherstripping and probably a fresh set of windows, not to mention upgraded doors. You plan on remodeling your home eventually, but little bits at a time.

After all, first, you need to replace your furnace, as yours is on the fritz. You’ve heard a lot of great things about ductless mini split systems, so you’re interested in buying one of those. Before you proceed, you have to know, will a mini split make your already drafty home even draftier?

No, it won’t!

Here’s how a ductless mini split system works. The system includes a compressor, which is installed outside in your yard. The compressor is connected to indoor air-handling units, which are where the cool or warm air blows out.

Each air-handling unit is installed according to the zones throughout your home that you select. A zone is a part of your home that needs heating or cooling more than other parts, such as your drafty rooms.

The ductless mini split system uses refrigerant as a cooling fluid to reduce the temperature of the air if you have you’re A/C on. If you’re using your mini split as a heater, then the heat pump will warm the air appropriately.

Where does the air come from, though? Is it outside? Nope! The air is pulled right from the room in which the air-handling unit is installed. The mini split system internally cools or warms the air and then pumps it back out.

To use the mini split as an air conditioner, the air-handling unit pulls the warm air from your house. The coolant evaporates on contact. Then the heat pump releases the warm air outdoors, causing the coolant to condense. The air around the coolant then becomes colder.

Homeowners who are always left shivering due to drafty doors and windows will love a ductless mini split system for a different reason. Mini splits give you optimal temperature control. You can customize the temperature of each air-handling unit with a remote. Now you can turn up the heat so you finally don’t feel those drafty breezes!

Besides its usefulness in reducing draftiness, a ductless mini split system is also valuable in that it increases the indoor air quality of your home. If you have allergies to pollen, you can rest assured that each time your mini split turns on, it’s not pulling pollen from outside and introducing it to your home.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, where concerns over air quality are on the rise, you can also be confident that you’re breathing in fresh, recirculated air if you have a ductless mini split system in your home or commercial building.

PowerSave AC is your choice for ductless mini split systems of all sizes. You can buy single-zone mini splits for moderate heating and cooling all the way to five-zone mini splits for temperature control in large buildings.