Are Mini Split Systems More Efficient?

These days, it’s all about efficiency, especially energy efficiency. You always strive to do what you can for our planet, be that recycling more, turning off lights when you don’t use them, and carpooling to work sometimes.

One area of your home that could definitely be more efficient is your heating/cooling solution. Perhaps it’s a rickety old heater or an air conditioner that’s more than 10 years old. You’ve done some research into your options, and one that you’ve found is a ductless mini split system. This can provide either heating or cooling, which has certainly piqued your interest.

Your main question though is whether a mini split system is efficient enough to be a worthwhile replacement?

You’ll be happy to know that mini split systems are especially known for their efficiency. If you have a traditional HVAC system installed in your home or office, mini splits beat those in terms of energy usage. That’s because the mini split system is capable of energy recycling.

You also don’t have to worry about burning gas, as ductless mini splits rely on electricity instead. Their ductless design is quite appealing to many homeowners. Skipping the ducts causes less air leakage from one duct to another. You can forego the duct maintenance as well.

What all this means is greater cost savings for you. Your monthly energy bills will come down, leaving you with more cash month after month and year after year. Not having to pay for duct maintenance and repairs will also pad your pockets.

For the most efficiency, you want to be sure your home has a reasonable cooling and heating load. This is how much cooling/heating is gained or lost over time. If the cooling and heating load is too high, then the mini split system may not work as well.

Larger buildings can easily accommodate a ductless mini split system. Instead of offering whole-home cooling and heating, which can be a waste, the mini split will cool/heat only the rooms or areas that need it most.  You want to make sure your home or office is well insulated and sealed. This will also help the mini split system do its job more efficiently.

If you’re convinced your home or office could benefit from a ductless mini split system over traditional HVAC, call on us at PowerSave AC today. We specialize in ductless mini splits, including single-zone, two-zone, three-zone, four-zone, and five-zone systems. You can also pick up accessories for your mini split system through our website.

Our HVAC load calculator and energy savings calculator will let you determine where you can make back more money by going ductless. When you’re ready to proceed, our PowerSave AC team offers financing options with zero percent APR over 18 months. We’re also known for our fast deliveries and exemplary customer service.

The more units you add, the steeper your discount. For two units, we shave two percent off the price. With three or four units, it’s four percent. If you get five to 10 mini splits, you can save eight percent overall.